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2005 A4 2.0 tdi still giving issues....................

chrisk1700 Apr 28, 2012

  1. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    right, iv had my injectors back from the check and clean up place, they all where fine despite audi showing me number 4 was way out.

    but at least i now know its definately not them. iv also swapped the injector loom, cleaned the egr valve and cleaned the maf sensor.

    put it all back together, put the injectors in set them up correctly etc, took the car for a 10 mile run and it drove fine except for when stationary/idleing, would puff the odd cloud of white smoke.....

    got home turned it off, let it cool for half an hour, went back to it, started the car (took couple of winds) started, ran mint....... 10-15 seconds later missing again......................

    im going to get on a mates lift to check all of the fuel lines see if any have a hole in? dragging air maybe?

    if its not this, what can i do next??? how do i check the lift pump? or even the tandem pump?

    please throw me some insight into this?

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