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2005 A3 2.0tdi clicking/ticking noise when hot

Ace A3 Jun 17, 2013

  1. Ace A3

    Ace A3 New Member

    Hi All,
    I am new to this and have just joined, i am having problems with my 2005 A3 2.0tdi, first of all the turbo blew, then the engine went, List of work done so far:
    New turbo
    Second hand engine
    timing belt and water pump kit
    Clutch and dual mass flywheel
    Alternator clutch overrun pully

    The car runs fine now but has developed a ticking/clicking sound when the engine is hot, it is fine up till then. it seems to be coming from the back/bottom of the engine and gets louder when slowing down also when the clutch is in.

    Does anybody please have any ideas as i really want to keep the car considering all the work i have done.

  2. NavA3

    NavA3 Member

    check the head mate

    dont think thats its not because theres no smoke

    i had a clicking from my engine which was from the right hand side of the engine near the battery and now I'm have changed the head because it was cracked theres no ticking noises anymore touch wood.
  3. Ace A3

    Ace A3 New Member

    Sounds more like from the bottom back underneath
  4. Boon

    Boon Active Member

    More than likely its the small cover plate on the back of the flywheel as you say you've had the clutch & flywheel changed...

    if you look up under the rear of the gearbox/engine there is a small plate with one torx (iirc!) bolt and it clips in at the top... Remove the plate, give it a slight bend so that when it goes back on the plate is bent away from the flywheel

    That should sort it out
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  5. Ace A3

    Ace A3 New Member

    Update the car has come back from the garage fixed it was indeed the plate/shim on the back of the flywheel. All sorted now thanks for your responses
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  6. Muzzcuzz

    Muzzcuzz Member

    My A3 has just developed the same symptoms described above. I'm hoping this plate is all it is as I have only just replaced the clutch. Does anyone know how easy this is to fix/whether its doable at home without too much fuss?
  7. Muzzcuzz

    Muzzcuzz Member

    Sorted mine out today.. was a very similar problem that took about 15minutes to fix. As described above there is a small inspection plate on the back of the flywheel, after removing I found the edge of the shim was skimming the flywheel. For those willing to give it a go, all you need to do is remove your plastic glide plate, locate & remove the inspection plate and bend it away from the flywheel. I have attached pictures of what mine looked like after I removed the plate to give you some idea of what to look for. IMG_0938.jpg IMG_0939.jpg
  8. r-y-e

    r-y-e Member

    This sound has thrashed my head for months, only when the car has had a good run an only when i am 100 miles from home haha (I've spent an hour in every services to keep it cold, thinking it was engine problems!) haven't had to do that since i had my old escort turbo lol ..........I've sorted the inspection plate and think its all sorted

    i also think it sound quieter wen i turn the car off (there was a really nasty clattering noise when i turned it off)
  9. bennyball

    bennyball Member

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm having this same problem with my car, only it's quattro so access is virtually nothing.

    Does anyone have a picture of how the plate should look once in place correctly please?

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