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2004 Tdi A3 audio system upgrades

wingdiver Mar 30, 2009

  1. wingdiver

    wingdiver New Member

    Copy of post in A3 forum - should have put it here first!)
    Just got a 2004 A3 TDi SE and it has the standard single CD head unit and speaker system.
    Not bad in most peoples view but my old A3 has a six CD changer and the famous Any Mac stealth sub system!
    Are there any upgrades I can do to this car?
    I thought about another multi changer but have been told this would have to be in the glovebox, which may entail a new glovebox too. Seems a lot of hassle.
    Also thought about an mp3 or ipod connection. I hate ipod's mainly because of the way the iTunes software takes over your PC's music and it is so difficult to add stuff (and I am obviously anti-Apple!). What about any mp3 stuff?
    Any useful ideas would be appreaciated.
    Oh, and the old A3 is in the classifieds!
    Reply on other forum suggested Phatbox.
    Anything else?

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