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2004 Audi Cab - Suspension

loafy Sep 12, 2006

  1. loafy

    loafy Member

    ok got a audi cab 54 plate 1.8t sport which i belive is lower 35mm than the normal cabs.
    i have been looking coil overs to them and a close to pal who knows his stuff says thats coil overs on a cab really doesnt go well, the ride quality lowers and that i would be better off with some eibach springs. i do about 20 to 25k yr in miles with work so the ride quailty is bit important.
    anyone else care to comment on this? as i dont want to spend 440 on coilovers to discover its rubbish and same other way spend 150 on springs and to discover i should have went for coilovers.

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