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2004 audi a8 parking brake failure

quattros Mar 19, 2013

  1. quattros

    quattros New Member

    I have a warning light and audible tone when starting the engine. Parking brake failure shows, the parking brake button also constantly flashes.

    when the parking brake button is pushed i can hear the motors running and a very loud clicking noise coming from the front of the car.

    i jacked the car up and applied the parking brake, they are not holding the back wheels at all.

    also noticed my inner rear pads are very low, would this have anything to do with it?

    Im handy with my tools but i dont have any vagcom/diagnostic and its really annoying for me not even being able to change the rear pads!

    Is my only option to buy vagcom or is there something else i can try first?

  2. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    Check the map out for members nearby and pm them
    VCDS (formerly VAG-COM) forum
    Looks like you may have answered your own question with the inner pads query
  3. quattros

    quattros New Member

    good idea thanks, i have pm'd someone near me.

    i may buy the vcds but it seems a bit excessive for just a pad change... how much am i looking at for the dealer/indy to replace rear pads ?

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