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2004 A6 Allroad CV boot change

ms1083 Jan 12, 2011

  1. ms1083

    ms1083 Member

    I have noticed my CV boots are beginning to crack (not leaking yet), I plan to replace them soon before they actually crack and cause trouble.

    Anyone done this? From the instructions (on ELSA) it does not seem too difficult. Any comments/tips? What is the best tool for getting the CV joint off the axel, am thinking of buying a slide hammer for this but if there is something cheaper/easier please do let me know.
  2. Ianmanchester

    Ianmanchester Member

    Hi, I have changed the CV boot on the offside front of my A6 4.2, I would guess the process is almost identical to yours. I removed the entire driveshaft, then placed it on a bench with a vice, as I was concerned about damaging the front diff / gearbox when hammering the universal joint back into the driveshaft.

    I managed to get all the tools required from halfords, (bit expensive but they seem to be well made)

    The CV boot I purchased from Eurocar parts - think it was about 7-10 quid..

    To get you started with the project have a look at the link below, click on CV boot replacement (obviously) :)

    AudiWorld Tech Articles
  3. ms1083

    ms1083 Member


    Went to my local Unipart to buy CV boot kit and they produced stretchy CV boots - had never heard of these before and stops the need to remove the driveshaft or the CV joint as they stretch (on a cone) over the CV joint in situ. Also very cheap, under £5 each (Bailcast duraboot) Fitted one side this afternoon, the actual CV boot was the easy bit. No end of trouble releasing the upper control links & their attaching bolt/nut from the hub!! In total job took 4h. now I have self learnt a few tricks expect the other side to be much easier. Will be very happy when job finished for total of £20 (had to buy Hex socket set for the hub) vs. the £200ish quoted from my local independent Audi specialist.
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Why bother with cheap parts ? Go to your local euro car parts and ask for the GKN/Lobro cv boot kit. They are the OEM manufacturer for audi and came with the corect metal clips and fixtures + 2 sachets of good quality grease. Even dealer ones are not too dear- 28 quid all in and you get 2 years warranty + they will last another 6 years or so ! I did my allroad cv joints by taking the pinch bolt off as i did not fancy taking the calipers off + i needed to replace the track rod ends so much easier.

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