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2004 A3 Replace Head Unit

Tenkian Mar 11, 2004

  1. Tenkian

    Tenkian New Member

    Hi all, i'm new to these forums so here goes:

    I have just got myself a brand new A3 1.6 FSI Sport. I used to have a Honda Civic Type-R but the insurance and petrol costs were crippling me!

    I have an Alpine 9812-RR MP3/CD player and was wondering if I can easily replace the ConcertII head unit.
    I know I will need a fascia adapter as the space is too long for a standard din HU, will reading the forums the Seat Toledo one (FP-18-00) fits the old type A3, will it also fit mine alright?

    I'm going to leave the speakers for now and just change the HU, is it a standard ISO connector on the wiring loom? or will I need an adapter kit?

    Will the HU run fine from the power off the wiring loom or will I need to run a cable from the battery seperate?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The speakers and the power are on standard ISO connectors (or at least they are on older models).
    You may or may not have a remote ignition on lead on the power ISO. Later HU's use the CAN-BUS to send a digital signal to the Concert to tell it the keys are in the ignition, so have ommitted the Yellow/red stripe cable that should be present 2 pins down from the permanent live.
    If this is the case on yours, you will need to run a switched ignition on cable from the fuse box, fuse labelled Radio (S-Kont), to the HU to avoid draining your battery.
    The Concert does use Mini ISO connectors for the pre-outs (to the rear speakers/sub) and the CD changer (if you have one). This is where you would need an adapter.
    However, my recommendation would be to run additional speaker cable to the rear speakers and by pass the puny Audi amp.
    Not sure if the new A3 uses exactly the same configuration as the old A3, but the Concert does not have rear speaker out, so I would imagine it is very similar.
    You shouldn't need to run separate power from the battery (unless installing an amp).
    Cheers, Andy
  3. richy

    richy Member

    just got mine after it been on back order for a while.. perfect fit... now just need the HU

    which is on order.. if anyone wants pics let me know and i will sort something out!

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