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2004 3.2 DSG Quattro Sport stalling at low revs

neilkaz Jan 28, 2013

  1. neilkaz

    neilkaz New Member

    Hi all, first post on here so please go gentle.

    Had my 3.2 8P for five years now, been pretty much faultless up until before Christmas, it started as a couple of stalls and rough idling at traffic lights, which would restart but die pretty much immediately, both the ABS and engine check lights came on , after leaving it for an hour, it restarted and all was fine, engine management and ABS lights went out after a day or so . I didn't have any version of VCDS at the time and as it seemed like a glitch which had now disappeared i left it, the car then performed perfectly throughout all the recent snow and **** weather. Then yesterday on a busy 'A' road my gremlin reappeared, exactly the same, would die at low revs and was difficult to hold at idle and then select drive (not easy in a DSG), engine management lights and ABS lights all back on, tried a dozen times and it continued to do the same, eventually got to a safe spot and left it to cool down for an hour or so, tried again and all was perfectly normal, drove the 25 mile trip home and it ran perfectly.

    So today i dug out an old VAG-Com cable and managed to get it working with the downloaded version of VCDS-lite, here are my findings:-

    6 Faults Found:

    18025 - Glow Plug Pre-Heat Indicator (K29) : Open or short to Ground
    P1617 - 001 Upper Limit Exceeded - Intermittent
    18104 - Power train Data Bus
    P1696 -002 Implausible Message from Steering Column Controller - Intermittent
    17499 - Mixture Regulation; Bank 2; Range 1
    P1091 - 002 - Rich Limit Exceeded
    16486 -
    Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
    P0102 - 002 - Signal too Low - MIL ON
    17573 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 1
    P1165 - 002 - System too Rich
    17550 - Load Calculation Cross Check
    P1142 - 002 - Lower Limit Exceeded - Intermittent
    Readiness:0000 0000

    So i know that the first error of 18025 is rubbish and has happened to a few other 3.2 owners (weird but no idea why), the others though are a mystery to me. I saved the codes and cleared them, also took the car for a spin with VCDS connected and no further errors appeared.
    My wife uses the car a lot and it's just been lucky that on both occasions this has happened it was me driving as it's a bit scary when it does.

    Any ideas...?
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    ​Hi, welcome to audi-sport.net. Any pics? Enjoy the forum. :) x
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    How did you read those codes with vcds lite, as lite is not canbus & the 8P is, so impossible afaik.
  4. neilkaz

    neilkaz New Member

    Not really sure of all the terminology with interfaces but the cable i have is a blue usb to 16 pin type made by a company called FTDI , as VCDS lite only uses com ports and not USB i had to get a COM port to Serial USB driver for the FTDI chip in the adapter. After a lot of trial and error i managed to find some com port settings that did not interfere with other com ports on my laptop.

    The driver for my cable is available here: Virtual COM Port Drivers

    Hope that makes sense, only thing is i can only seem to connect and read\clear codes from the Engine and gearbox modules, all other modules are inaccessable.
  5. willowsdad

    willowsdad Sideways

    Can't comment on your vcds codes, but the symptoms sound like what I had with my maf sensor playing up. I took it out and sprayed it with neat ipa, and left it to dry. Cleaned out my filter and airbox, and now it's been fine again for a couple of months so far.
  6. neilkaz

    neilkaz New Member

    Update, problem solved. Was indeed the MAF causing the problem, the great guys at VWAudi Tec in chelmsford did a great job in swapping it out for a new one and a full throttle body clean out. Runs like a dream now !

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