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2003 tdi sport, new rack and fuel gage prob

A3Lee Oct 3, 2003

  1. A3Lee

    A3Lee New Member

    Hi there, my car has just been for new rack under warrenty at 7k miles. anyone else had these fitted??

    it was making groaning noises when going from lock to lock, but what really pi55ed me off was when i went to collect it and i left it with a full tank of fuel.

    now with leaving it with a full tank of fuel and you get in and its empty with fuel light on your going to ask questions right??

    goes into reception to ask where the diesel had gone and spent 20 mins with the service manager and recepionist arguing that they had done to miles innit so it must of been empty....then the mechanic comes out and said fuel light was on when i dropped it off!!!!!!!!

    i had a reciept for 47 quid the day before....anyway the chief mechanic came out and said he would put it on the comp as there must be a fault with the car....atlast! anyway the comp showed there was 62 litres in the tank...so oher guy was lying, no appology for accusing me that i was lying and just needed battery disconcting to reset the cars brain...sorted...fuel needle working again.

    but what do think of the customer service????would you go back????? tw4ts
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    It does sound like the classic Audi service treatment! I suppose at least they did solve the problem, but I do find it disgusting that they would honestly think that someone who buys a brand new car from them would honestly try to rip them off for a meagre 47 quid....don't they think you can afford it!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
  3. A3Lee

    A3Lee New Member

    LOL jon, well i wont be going back!!! that was my point exactley, would i really stand there arguing for 20/30 mins and knacker up my appointments for the afternoon for a pesky 47 quid.

    i had a tot up and in the last 4 years ive bought 60k worth of cars off em so they will think twice when i dont go back, plus i reccomended 3 others.

    ive phoned preston audi and they seem very obliging, apparently they have night servicing monday to thursday where i can take my car in at night and the service side is open till 2am!!!! sounds good to me!!!!!

    im still getting vibrating through the steering when on lock going slowly and engine vibrations through the wheel also, my A3 Tdi q did this and they fitted a new column which cured it.????? anyone else????


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