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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by jr001, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Oct 14, 2006
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    [Sep 10, 2007]
    Scott (Scotia on Detailng World forum) asked if I could correct his newly sprayed Black Magic metallic Octavia VRS for him. He was the victim of malicious keying of his car while it was in his driveway. Upon return from the bodyshop it was found to have a multitude of rotary machine scratches, but also buffer trails within his newly acquired clearcoat. What a shame because there is no need for this to happen in my opinion.

    In normal light, out of the sun, the car looked nice. However, in brighter light and especially in the sun, it’s true appearance was not very pleasing.

    I took a few pics of the car a couple of weeks ago to see what lay in store:




    Worth bearing in mind that this car was only re-sprayed two weeks ago and had been washed once by Scott, carefully with lambswool mitt and two bucket method and drying towel etc.

    Wash and Clay
    Wheels sprayed with Autobrite’s acid free Brite Wheels and left for 5 mins.
    Washed with megs shampoo plus and agitated with megs safe wheel brush through to the rears. Rinsed with PW.

    Whole car foamed using Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus through an Autobrite foam lance at max setting. Pressure wash rinsed. The roof and rear end were the only tow areas not to be resprayed by the bodyshop but they still had rotary buffer trails on them!! These areas had original factory paint levels. These areas were clayed but the rest of the car were not due to being only two weeks old effectively.

    Car rinsed after claying and pat-dried using Poorboys waffle weave drying towels.

    Rotary Polishing

    Paint thickness:
    Roof and Rear end, 118 – 145 microns
    Re-sprayed areas, 175 – 210 microns

    Original roof and rear end – Menzerna Intensive polish 3.02 – polish spread with rotary stationary then two passes at 900rpm, two at 1500 rpm, 4 at 1700 rpm, finessing with two passes at 900 rpm.

    All resprayed panels – Menzerna Final Finish 106FA – spread as above, then two passes at 900 rpm, 5/6 passes at 1600 rpm, finessing with two at 900 rpm. Residue wiped clear with Poorboys microfibre work towels.

    Rotary pads – Meguiars soft buff polishing pads.

    A test section was carried out on the bonnet to find the right combo for the other resprayed sections. The picture below shows clearly the corrected 75% of the bonnet. The whiter hazy scratched section to the right shows what the whole car was like.

    The bonnet 75:25! Shot:







    This is not a cloud reflection shot. The bodyshop artist managed to engrave this lovely cloud-like pattern into the top section of the NS front door. I'd love to be able to do that sort of pattern effect. Wouldn't you?











    Body with HD Cleanse followed by Carbon, not quite finished yet!

    Cleansed with JEFFS Acrylic Prime, left to cure for 30 mins then buffed over with MF cloth.

    Dressed with Chemical Guys new look trim gel and buffed over 30 mins later with MF cloth

    Cleansed with Jeffs Prime as per the wheels, leaving acrylic sealant layer for water to bead from.

    Dressed with Chemical Guys new look trim gel and buffed over 20 mins later with MF cloth.

    Scott was able to see for the first time that his paint actually contained silver, blue and purple metallic paint flakes – he didn’t even see them before the car was re-sprayed! His car’s its real colour again and he has decided not to sell it after all.

    All in all I found the original Skoda paint quite nice to work with, correcting in one hit with 3.02 to above 95% I’d say, a guesstimate of course since I don’t count the bloody things. The re-sprayed panels similarly corrected very smoothly with one hit of 106 FA.

    Thanks to Scott and family for the coffee, rolls and sausage, loo, rabbits and the banter. Thanks to the neighbours’ dog for biting my leg.

    Even the youngsters from next door were looking forward to me leaving as they joked near the end “urr you still no finished man!”.

    TOTAL TIME: 17 hours


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    [Sep 11, 2007]
    More superb work! Great write up too, thanks for sharing. :icon_thumright:

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