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2003 Avant stereo questions

ozmikeuk Jun 1, 2010

  1. ozmikeuk

    ozmikeuk New Member

    Hi All,

    Apologies if I'm asking the same question which has been asked many times over. I have searched the forum, but would like to be sure on a few things.

    I have always installed stereo's in every car I've bought, and am a big fan of JL Audio. My plan is to install my 500.1 mono amp and 12w6 sub ASAP. So my car has a symphony head unit, with non-Bose speakers. For a 7 year old car, what I think are stock speakers actually don't sound too bad. The stereo already sounds better than my wife's '09 C Class Benz.

    So here are my questions:

    (1) In the boot I can see in one of the drivers side compartments the puny amp and small driver. I assume my car doesn't have Bose speakers (as none of the speaker grills have the Bose badge) and there is no Bose reference on turning on the stereo. Is this Bass driver/unit in the boot standard on all Audi's?
    (2) I was going to install my single DIN stereo, but on second thought I may keep the car looking standard. I don't want to buy a powered sub, as my current amp & sub combo will always give me bigger bass. Does the Symphony head unit come with any RCA line outs? Although I can wire up my JL amp to the speaker line outs, I would obviously get better quality signal from the RCAs, hence my question.
    (3) I have a JL Cleansweep which I can use as another option. Has anyone installed one in their car? Did you have any dramas?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes the tupperware sub is standard on all Avants, the amp also drives the rear speakers, so removal will mean you lose the rears.
    You can pick up the rear pre-outs and remote turn on from the feeds to the rear/sub amp, you just need to run power.
    Claeansweep is supposed to perform magic on the Audi system but never had enough money to try one, way too expensive, just buy a decent HU instead.
  3. ozmikeuk

    ozmikeuk New Member

    Thanks Andy,

    Thanks for your advice. I've actually already got a JL Cleansweep, so I've decided I may as well spend the money to get it installed and calibrated properly. Cheers for answering my questions.

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