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2003 Audi S4 B6 Avant Quattro fitted with LPG

Discussion in 'For Sale/Wanted - Audi Cars' started by colinurquhart, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Jun 13, 2009
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    [Oct 14, 2013]
    Here for sale is my Audi S4 with the 4.2 V8 engine with 340bhp, the car dyno'd last year at 328bhp with a printout to prove so its proof its still a good strong engine. I've owned the car 2 1/2 years, only 3 previous owners, and the mileage is currently 132830 so average miles for its age but this will go up slightly as I use the car daily for work
    Being a petrol V8 it can be thirsty on the fuel so September last year it had a BRC LPG kit fitted which is one of the best at a cost of £2300 and is still under warranty until September 2014. It has a 73 litre donut tank in the boot which holds approx 58 litres of gas and with gas @ 65p/litre its about £38 to fill up which gets you on average 260 miles.
    I have folder full of receipts for various parts and servicing with its last service done by Star Performance, February 2013, including oil+filter, air and fuel filter, 8 plugs plus diff and gearbox oils.

    During my ownership of the car I've regularly changed the oil and filter every 5-6k with receipts to prove and fill up with Shell V-Power which has caused many arguments with the wife having to go out our way to find a Shell garage and I've spared no expense with the car. I've listed a few of the larger things I've had done during my ownership.

    May 2011 - New clutch and dual mass flywheel fitted by Perth Audi @£2200 (mileage approx 98k)

    June 2012 - Both front lower suspension arms, rear boot actuator and number plate assembly plus central control module fitted by Autotechnik @£798.

    September 2012 - BRC LPG kit fitted by John Anderson of Kirkcaldy @£2298

    December 2012 - Alternator belt and tensioners fitted by Autotechnik @£324

    February 2013 - Major service carried out by Star Performance @£450

    February 2013 - New front discs and pads fitted by myself @£150

    April 2013 - Custom stainless exhaust fitted by Stainless Creations in Falkirk @£700, a must for these cars to properly hear the V8 noise buts its not over the top as was made to my requirements regarding noise and looks. (lifetime warranty)

    Also august this year the front end was resprayed (wings, bonnet and bumper) to tidy the car up as overall the car is in superb condition but the front end was letting it down,

    Inside it comes with super comfy heated/electric Recaro seats with no tears in the leather and Recaro embossed rear seats too. The front headrests also have built in TV monitors although they aren't wired up yet but there is a box of accesories including dvd multichanger, some wiring and wireless headphones (this kit was from an Audi forum member). It also has the sought after carbon dash and door trims which are in excellent condition. I've fitted an X-carlink kit which has a connector for the Iphone 4 so it charges, plays music and makes and receives calls but can also be done through bluetooth too for both music and calls. Theres an Iphone cradle fitted too but can be easily removed as I've fitted it so that if removed theres no holes or marks visible.

    I think I've got everything on here but if I remember anything I'll edit this advert but please feel free to ask any questions or to view the car and any inspection is welcome.

    Overall the car is in superb condition and with being the avant is a great all round practicle family car with plenty of power in any gear, its a sheep in wolfs clothing and with the LPG fitted makes it affordable to run every day (approx £70 one way in gas for our last family trip from Kelty to Cambridge to visit the inlaws which is superb for a V8). It will be a sad day when I see this car leave as I've loved it and my eldest son even cried when I told him I was selling it with his response being that I have to buy a Bugatti Veyron, no chance in hell but I'm now on the hunt for a new Audi.

    Any test drives will require some proof of insurance and the price is £7500 ono with payment by cash or bank transfer.

    Thanks very much for looking.

    Also forgot to mention the Quattro is superb in the snow as its permanent 4wd.

    Here is a link to a photoshoot of the S4 I had done in January 2012.













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