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2003 A3 TDI- Head & bushes ?

aterro May 24, 2013

  1. aterro

    aterro S3 YO

    Ola, long time since ive been on here!

    I used to have a 03 tdi a3 140 with around 107k on the clock.

    I remember reading that all/if not most BKD TDI heads were prone to cracking and casuing a coolant leak and then possibly hydrolocking.

    My old one, never had any coolant issues, but im planning to buy a A3 tdi 03 plate again.
    with around 90k on.
    No signs of coolant leaking and drive fines.

    How many people as owners faced this issue?

    If i was to face a engine change, is it basically engine out, engine in? No immobiliser issues ? or needing to recode something silly?

    ------Question 2:

    CV Joint- are they like changing any other cv boot? Fairly easy but messy?

    Rear Axle Bush, are these easy to replace?- quick run through?

    I was going to buy a 2007/2008 plate but this has came up at a reasonable price....


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