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2002 S3 "tappet cover gasket" ??

Maverick1 May 20, 2012

  1. Maverick1

    Maverick1 Member

    Hi Peeps,

    Just had my 02 S3 serviced, its a had a minor oil leak from the back of the engine for a while and the place I took it to (reputable VAG specialist in Brisbane) says the it's the "Tappet cover gasket" leaking. I got quoted $300/3 hours to have it replaced.

    I've worked on many Jap cars over the years and am pretty handy with a spanner, but this is my first euro and wanted to keep the whole full service history thing going. Having said that I'm confident I can get the parts and do it myself with some direction to save a bit of cash.

    When referring to the tappet cover gasket, is that the same cam cover gasket, cause if so I found plenty of info on that and it seems easy enough to change... Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. :icon_thumright:

  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    You're being mugged off a treat there mate!

    Tappet cover / rocker cover / cam cover, call it what you please, but it's a £15 gasket and about 30 mins work TOPS to change.

    a half dead chimp with no arms and only one leg could do it in under 3 hours! Why do people insist on trying to screw you over like this!
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  3. Maverick1

    Maverick1 Member

    Thanks Prawn, yeah it's up the **** I know, I got charged $280 for a Haldex service (inc approx $160 for parts) and realized after that I could get a complete service kit with the tool for $140, jack it up and do it myself. I thought it better to let a professional do it in case I under filled it Etc ... But now I know. I'll order the parts and do It next weekend. Anything else I should attack while the cover is of off?? It seems like every bit of rubber /plastic in the engine bay needs replacing on these damn things.

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