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2002 clio Wonky steering wheel

vanaaken Oct 3, 2008

  1. vanaaken

    vanaaken Member

    Hi guys

    Thought Id ask on here as the clio forum is pants.

    The missus has a little 1.6 clio, since she got it the steering wheel has been about an eighth of turn off center, before I wasn't too worried as the car drives in a straight line, so just thought someone had taken the wheel off and put it back on wonky, however as its electronic the wheel has to go back on exactly how it came off something to do with a sensor, does that mean its down to the tracking?

    Shes just ordered some new front tyres last ones only lasted 9,000 miles, although the wear looks pretty even across both of them.

    Any ideas would be great.


  2. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    It might just be that the track rod ends need adjusting. Half a turn off the left and half a turn on the right to re-centre the steering wheel. It's worth having a four wheel alignment done to see if all is OK. That said I'm no expert.

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