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2002 bam s3, squeal under load

Maverick1 Oct 21, 2012

  1. Maverick1

    Maverick1 Member

    Hi everyone :)

    Iv'e got this annoying issue (do they ever stop?) at very low revs, when clutch is taking up I get a little squeal, it's only momentary and goes away. Seems more pronunced when car is warmer, but having said that it is generally intermittent. Clutch is 45k Kms old, feels fine and never slips although I treat it very nicely. It also has an Apr tune - 195kw. Everything else in the car is bog stock standard, including the relentless Vag-induced problems I always seem to be fixing.

    I thought perhaps throw out bearing but I've noticed that even just when driving, say in first gear in a car park driving slowly with clutch fully engaged, if you let the car slow until it almost stalls, and then give it some gas (high load/very low revs) it will give the same squeal until revs rise again. I will wd40 serpentine belt to see if it is belt/pulley related.

    Any thoughts?

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