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2002 bam clutch problem

mdm83 Mar 27, 2013

  1. mdm83

    mdm83 Member

    hi just joined the site!
    i am hoping to find the answer to my clutch problem which has been puzzling me for months!
    its a 2002 s3 bam engine with 95000 on clock.
    in august the clutch started slipping with the usual symptoms, getting gradually worse. by october it was slipping bad but by the end of the month it started improving! it got to the point i could actually over take accelerating hard. by january it gradually got worse again slipping bad in 6th when accelerating etc. that was 3 months ago and has been driven every day and it hasnt got any worse, still slips but no worse than it did in january or october!
    im not a mechanic but i know that when a clutch is worn it doesnt get better- it only gets worse.
    also worth mentioning is that the pedal can feel odd sometimes.
    it has been in a garage for 3 weeks and the guy says "oh its definately the clutch" without driving it and but to be honest i dont think he really looked at it and was just guessing hence the reason the car is no longer there.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!! cheers
  2. LiveWire

    LiveWire S3X

    You may have glazed the clutch by launching hard making the slipping worse, then once the glaze wore off the clutch the slipping would have been less noticeable.

    But regardless if you know it is slipping it needs to be changed, be prepared to get your cash out!! you may also need a new DMF. £$£$£$£$£

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