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2002 audi s3 - ming blue - 77k miles

PiranhaMan Aug 7, 2013

  1. PiranhaMan

    PiranhaMan Member

    Very, very reluctant sale of my 2002 ming blue audi s3 (8L) BAM engine

    I only bought this car a year ago after a very long search for the right one,
    my situation has changed now unfortunately and I have to sell it (and believe me i really don't want to!!)

    77k miles, full service history and very well looked after
    really good overall condition and hasn't let me down once since i bought it
    ive had the cambelt, water pump and oil ( which ive changed twice since i got it)
    done when i got the car just to be on the safe side.

    This car has the cream and black leather alcantara interior, armrest, electric seats and its all in really good condition,
    in fact apart from a bit of light bobbling on the drivers seat the interior is great

    The car came with the bose sound system with the double din head unit
    but i had this changed to a single din alpine head unit (see pics)
    ... but if you prefer the OEM look, i still have the bose double din head unit
    it works perfectly and is in great condition, so can be re fitted easily if you wish

    The car passed its MOT no problem and that doesn't run out now until march 2014
    and ive just taxed the car for 6 months as well so it will be sold taxed until january 2014

    If this is the type of car you're looking for, you wont be dissapointed
    if you want to come and view the car, give me a call to organise

    I live in cheshire

    07594 493 116

    thanks for looking

    £5500 ono

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