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Discussion in 'Classifieds Discussion Area' started by Big Al, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Big Al

    Big Al A4 B7 bits for sale!!

    May 23, 2011
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    [Nov 12, 2012]
    I’m breaking this fully working car, as I’ve been unable to sell it complete. I’m located in Solihull, West Midlands. The car is still complete so can be driven to prove the mechanical parts are working. The car has been fully cleaned inside and out which includes conditioning the leather parts. I’m a non smoking owner without pets so this is a really clean example. I have a full service history with invoices. I need to sell the engine first, and then all other parts will become available. The engine buyer has first dibs on all other parts. If you badly need parts, then please help me sell my engine!

    I have basic car tools, but require an engine hoist and a good socket set. If the engine/gearbox buyer has these and can lend a hand that really helps. If there are any mobile mechanics or people willing to help on this forum that would be appreciated. I’ve collected some pallets to transport the engine & gearbox.

    As modifying a classified advert doesn’t edit the main text, I’ll be deleting this advert, editing it and reposting with the newly available parts. Please PM me with your requests and I’ll provide my mobile number only once the parts are available. The mileages show against the parts how new they are. If no mileage shown, they are as originally fitted.

    All these parts are to be collected and paid for in cash – sorry no delivery, I’m far too busy!

    Thanks Alistair

    * 1.8T 225BHP BAM bare engine including head, block & sump, with no ancillaries

    79,000 miles £895

    It’s in excellent condition, done 79,000 miles. It’s fully serviced, smoke, water and oil leak free. This engine was removed from a scrapped Audi S3 (2002 model) at 64,000 miles and delivered to Midland VW, a VAG specialist in Cannock, Staffordshire. On 8[SUP]th[/SUP] August last year they stripped down the engine, refurbished it and fitted new genuine Audi parts. This engine has only been run on Tesco 99 super unleaded since I’ve had it. As it’s currently fitted it can be test driven too.

    New Audi rocker cover gasket
    Rocker cover professionally stripped, cleaned & repainted silver
    New Audi TFSI coil packs
    New NGK BKR7EIX iridium spark plugs
    Head was cleaned with valves in situ
    New Audi head bolts
    New Audi head gasket
    New Audi tensioner pulley
    New Audi tensioner damper
    New Audi cambelt
    New Audi metal waterpump
    Audi VVT sensor, cams, chain & tensioner - checked ok
    Cambelt cover & oil cap both included
    Audi N249 recirculating dump valve control system deleted
    New Audi oil pump pickup
    New Audi sump gasket
    New ECS magnetic drain plug
    New Audi Synta Gold oil & filter
    Audi orange dip stick tube

    * Audi dual mass flywheel, clutch unit & slave release bearing 15,000 miles – 50,000 miles life left? £195
    * Audi S3 6 speed gearbox & transfer box 64,000 miles (new Audi oil 15,000 miles) & ECS magnetic drain plug – smooth gear change engagement, no noises, excellent condition £450

    * Genuine Audi front & rear fitted carpet mat set (dark grey carpet) – with clips, minor wear, excellent condition £40
    * Boot carpet liner mat spare wheel cover (dark grey carpet) – minor carpet marks, excellent condition £25
    * Left boot side carpet trim panel complete with opening cover with working latch (dark grey carpet, black plastic) –£25
    * Right boot side carpet trim panel complete with opening cover with working latch (dark grey carpet, black plastic) –£25
    * 3x boot luggage net strap tie down retaining points with screws (chrome/black metal) £4 each
    * Parcel shelf (grey) – no holes, straight, working pull straps, great condition £35
    * Space saver spare 5x100 PCD ET38 18” wheel/ new unused Continental 125/7018 tyre – as new £100
    * Spare wheel large plastic retaining screw £10
    * Hazard warning triangle in red plastic case – unused condition £12
    * Rear hatch tailgate window surround plastic – excellent condition £10
    * Rear hatch tailgate pull handle surround plastic trim – excellent condition £25
    * Revised facelift centre console trim (gearshift & handbrake area, black plastic) - inc all rubbers, ash tray, no armrest cut out, excellent condition 12,000 miles £75
    * Audi Navigation Plus Radio/CD/SATNAV/TV system (very rare) with 2008-2009 Audi navigation CD £220
    As this is a double DIN sort of sized unit the matching items are also included – combined AC climate & heated seat controls, revised facelift centre dash console cage & plastic surround (dark grey).
    * Audi 6 disc CD changer & cartridge £75
    * Apple Ipod connector (Phono stereo plug to Apple large connector via a black box) £
    * Gloss piano black dash set (gear surround, both window switch trims, centre dash cover) £90
    * Bose amplifier £40
    * Bose subwoofer £40
    * Bose front speakers £40
    * Bose rear speakers £40
    * Hazard warning light switch £32
    * 2x switch blanks £5 each
    * ESP switch £15
    * Single pop-out cupholder £
    * Left A pillar trim (black) – as new £15
    * Right A pillar trim (black) – as new £15
    * Headlining (black) with rear courtesy light package, 4 handles, 3 sun visors £60
    * Auto dim rear view mirror £45
    * Loom for headlining lights & mirror £tbc (need to see it first)
    * Glovebox 15,000 miles - as new condition with Quattro badge £50
    * Glovebox compartment inner lid cover trim £12
    * Tow hook £25
    * Pollen filter 15,000 miles £10
    * Genuine Audi roof mast aerial (screw in, excluding the roof mount) £12
    * Front wiper arms & Bosch aero flat wiper blades £30
    * Front wiper motor & mechanism (cleaned & lubricated) £45
    * Rear aero wiper arm, cap & Bosch aero flat wipe blade £15
    * Rear wiper motor mechanism £45
    * Side skirts pair £100
    * NS S3 door sill £25
    * OS S3 door sill £25
    * Spare front suspension GSF front strut to anti roll bar drop links new £40
    * Spare xenon headlight self-leveling motors by Hella (tested & working, 4 available) 3B0941295C £15 each
    * Spare TFSI coil packs (4 various available) £12 each
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