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2001 Jabbasport S3

scoobyra Jan 2, 2013

  1. scoobyra

    scoobyra It's not f@cking ORANGE!!!!!

    As per my post in the 8L section, I'm reluctantly selling my Black Jabbasport S3 due to the decision to get married!

    Details as follows:

    2001 Ebony Black facelift - 135,000miles

    Jabbasport big turbo conversion with VF34 turbo
    Jabbasport manifold
    Miltek Sports Cat
    Miltek Exhaust
    Front Mount IC
    Modified inlet
    Large Injectors
    Uprated FPR
    APR Diverter Valve
    K&N Filter
    Adjustable boost (in car)
    Konigsport coil overs
    H&R arbs
    Polybushed + dogbone
    Uprated haldex
    Peloquin Diff
    Diesel geeks q/shift
    Brembos with big discs and braided hoses
    Adjustable tie bars
    New clutch
    Comp TTs

    12 months mot - no tax

    All the usual stuff - black leather/blue alcantara heated seats, sunroof, reversing sensors etc etc

    This car has had an absolute fortune spent on it and is great fun!

    There are some bad points - it's not pristine by anyone's standard with a few scratches, a small dent on the nearside front wheel arch and some crazed paint on the rear bumper. The interior isn't immaculate but I very much doubt if the person who buys this car will be buying it for what it looks like!

    It made 301BHP on Badger5's dyno and pulls like a train on the road.

    I'd like this car to go to a good home and to someone that'll appreciate it.

    I'd like as near to £5000 as possible so please, no silly offers.


  2. ibbie2

    ibbie2 New Member

    hi mate where are you based?
  3. scoobyra

    scoobyra It's not f@cking ORANGE!!!!!


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