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2001 avant drivers door lock issue

mrnice Nov 29, 2012

  1. mrnice

    mrnice Member

    Hi folks, since the cold weather has kicked in (freezing outside!),
    My key won't turn in the driver's lock to lock the doors (it works to unlock though). Still works in boot lock to lock/unlock central locking.
    Don't want to try to force the key incase i break something.
    The remote locking has never worked since i've had the car so I currently rely on these. Any thoughts?
    Maybe mechanism has tightened up in the cold? (my old e36 BM used to do this in winter), or some microswitch bother?,

    any help welcome before i go pulling the door panel apart!
  2. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Great read this and this morning found mine in the same condition. Door wont shut. Manged to defreeze the lock with WD40 and a hot air gun. Now its catching on the deadlock. Just waiting to see if the mechanism is frozen or broke....
    I pumped a good spray of WD in when I last washed it as my TT froze last year.
    How do the Germans cope?

    Just an update.

    As the sun came out it all went back to normal.

    Have pointed the hot air gun at the lock (door edge) and key barrel for a few minutes on low and then big squirt of WD.
    See tomorrow...
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  3. amimmortal

    amimmortal Member

    Despite all the other bother and expense I've had this year, this issue is, unquestionably, the most irritating thing about this car.

    I've spoken to Audi technicians who have advised that I "breathe" on the lock to unseize the gubbinz. My advice would be to keep a 12v travel hairdryer in your glovebox and use it to warm up the lock on particularly cold mornings. That should do the trick.

  4. mrnice

    mrnice Member

    Cheers for input folks, haven't done a thing about mine yet but at least I can get in and out ok!, just have to lock it with tailgate lock...,
    will try some heat if it's still at it tomorrow.
  5. mrnice

    mrnice Member

    Thought I'd return to this thread as part of the problem still persists-
    My key still won't turn in the drivers door lock to lock the doors. Turns fine to unlock (clockwise) but no movement at all when turning anti-clockwise to lock. Haven't tried forcing it too much in case I break something.

    I had a quick look today with door interior panel off but don't have the right torx bit at the moment to remove lock mechanism to get a better look at the barrel. I'll return to it when i've picked up (yet more) driver bits.

    I did however find this little fellow rattling around in the bottom of the door-

    Anyone recognise it at all from their own door window/lock adventures?



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