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2001 Audi S4 Avant – Metallic Ebony Black - £4250

Discussion in 'For Sale/Wanted - Audi Cars' started by CraigG, Apr 15, 2013.

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    May 15, 2008
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    [Apr 15, 2013]
    Audi S4 Avant – 2001 Metallic Ebony Black – 115,000 Miles

    I regrettably have for sale my B5 S4 Avant, due to a change in circumstances meaning i cannot afford the fuel costs for commuting in it going forward.


    The car is in excellent condition, and has been well maintained under my ownership, I purchased the car in 2011 from Will1981 who was breaking it after his engine let go. I purchased the complete shell, minus the running gear and front bumper(already sold before I got there).
    At the time I had a 1997 Imola S4 Saloon, and myself and Aragorn (brother) proceeded to rebuild the Avant with the running gear and suspension from my saloon. The following parts were brought over from the saloon: Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust, Suspension, Brakes, Front arms(10k miles old), Front bumper.
    During the re-shell, we completely re-bushed the rear end, including diff bushing and solid subframe mounts. In addition 034 Street density Engine mounts and stiffened gearbox/ front diff mounts were fitted. Along with a new OEM RS4 clutch and full cambelt, waterpump, thermostat and tensioner kit.
    As a result, when back on the road, the car has had every single bush on it replaced, the Meyle HD Arm kit from the saloon had only seen 10k miles use.


    110k miles
    Stage 1 viper remap
    Silicon TBB / Intake pipes
    Metal F-hose modification
    N249 Delete
    Viscous Fan Delete
    XS Power Downpipes (modified with Flexi’s and 200Cell MagnaFlow sport cats)
    XS Power Exhaust system (downpipe/exhausts modified and installed by Stainless Creations – Falkirk)

    Bilstien B6 Dampers
    Eibach Pro Kit springs
    Meyle HD front arm kit
    Complete re-bush on rear end, with Lemforder bushings
    Lemforder metal rARB links (RS2 Style)
    Rear Alloy Subframe mounts (bambridge from SRS)
    034 Street Density Engine Mounts
    Stiffened Gearbox/Diff mountings

    Front – B6 S4 Calipers 345mm Disc – Mintex Pads
    Rear – D2 S8 Calipers 280mm Disc – Mintex Pads
    Goodrich braided hoses

    18x7.5” BBS Pescara (Audi OEM BBS CH024) finished in metallic Anthracite
    15mm Spacers all round
    2 x Hankook S1 EVO 225/40/18 (front)
    2 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/40/18 (rear)

    Special order Black Leather – textured finish rather than the smooth leather usually fitted.
    Carbon beltline trim
    Short shifter with shortened gearstick
    RS4 perforated leather steering wheel
    RS4 perforated leather gearknob
    OEM Armrest

    RS4 style modified front bumper
    RS4 style Grill
    Passat B5.5 Aero front wipers
    Black Audi rings front/rear
    Black S4 Badge
    MRC Water-jetted front number plate

    Since building the car, it had been running around with the Imola Yellow front bumper, much to Scottish members amusement when I turned up at an Ayrshire meet, and the Creiff Audi show 2012.

    October last year, I had the bumper modified to open up the lower grills, and fitted RS4 style mesh (the proper 10mm plastic stuff from Germany) at the same time, I arranged for the front end to be re-sprayed which included the front bumper, bonnet and wings, this was to colour code the bumper, but also to remove stone chips from the bonnet and wings.
    Once painted, the bodyshop gave the car a machine polish to rejuvenate the rest of the paint. With this done, the paint is in excellent condition, although there are one or two scratches on the doors, but nothing you wouldn’t expect to see on a 12 year old car.

    Some pictures:










    Price - £4250

    Bad points:
    During the rebuild, the Aircon was disconnected, its not been reconnected, and this would require a new dryer + Aircon specialist to fit/re-gas the system.

    The alternator requires a helping hand to get going, when started, the rev's need to be blipped up to around 2k to energise("kick start") the alternator, once done, it functions normally, this would never be an issue unless you started the car and left it idling.
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