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2001 audi s3 brake problem

kogcolgate Dec 23, 2012

  1. kogcolgate

    kogcolgate New Member

    Hi All,

    Greetings! I just got a 2001 audi s3 8l and I love it! Especially it is my first car!

    But I have few problems about the brake:

    1. The responsiveness and the strength of the brake seems not very good --- I have to depress the brake deep down in order to feel the brake start to engage. I was told by the garage that the piston head on the calliper may be wear and need to be replaced (but sounds like he is not very certain...) Does anyone had the same problem and what could be the possible cause?

    2. The brake light on the rear keep failing.... What could also be the problem? In the sticker of the forum, I read something about the brake sensor can cause this problem over and over.

    Many Thanks in advance!

  2. Stickystuff

    Stickystuff Member

    Well I'm not entirely sure but I would start by bleeding the brakes as you may have some water in the system, next if that doesn't work you may have a sticky calliper slider. It could be rusty or jut sticking. I would take them out and cleaned and grease the pin and where it locates. Or you could have sticky pads.

    I think generally it could just bee that you need to clean and grease all of your brakes and give them some fresh brake fluid.

    If that doesn't sort it then long travel could mean that your master cylinder has failed internally.

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