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2001 Audi S3 210bhp Facelift - Ibis White

Big_jim Aug 28, 2012

  1. Big_jim

    Big_jim Member

    For sale is my Daily driver.
    Its recently had a full respray done to it in IBIS white, a newer audi colour. It makes it looks much newewr and modern!

    Y reg
    107k miles
    Cream Leather interior (Proper Seats, like arm chairs but very supportive!)
    Just had a £650 Cambelt service inc water pump itc
    Ive bought a Evmos Induction kit and Forge TIP (Turbo intake pipe) which im told will add 20bhp as the standard items are so restrictive.
    A remap is said to give them 50bhp, which i was planning on doing, Badger5 charge £299 for this inc a before and after dyno. They get completly standard cars from 210bhp, to 260bhp, and thats with the TIP and Filter.
    Cruise control
    Air con (digital)
    6 speed, will do 30mpg in everyday driving.
    4 wheel drive, but is front biased, power goes to the rears when the fronts start to spin.
    Standard 17" S3 wheels. Good front tyres, rears are low but i have 2 spares i can fit. (225 45 17)
    Proper car, awesome build quality, not like your normal hot hatch.

    Bad bits.
    Pixel fade on the centre part of the clocks. Can get a new one with a 12 month warrenty for £80 plus postage.
    Cup holder stuck in the closed position.

    Reduced to £3500


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