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2001 A3 1.8 t sport headlight/foglight switch help

gavcav Nov 16, 2009

  1. gavcav

    gavcav New Member

    i am a new member to audi-sport.net and this is my very first posting, so please exceuse me if i have made any mistakes regards this new post?

    i've just bought a lovely A3 T SPORT and absolutely love it..i just need a technical question answered regarding the headlight switch.

    on my particular model, is it normal for the front fog/driving lights? to come on at the dipped beam position?

    i presumed the switch worked as follows:
    from '0FF'
    1. one turn clockwise brings on the sidelights
    2. next position brings on the dipped beam
    3. pull out to first position, brings on the front fog/driving lights
    4. then pull out to second position, brings on the rear fog light

    but on mine, at position 2 the front fog/driving lights come on?..i've spoke to colleagues/friends and some say this is normal on the sport model, but i'm not too sure it should do this?

    the switch doesn't feel worn or damaged in operation.

    but before i get to the point of removing the switch/contacting audi main dealer, i thought i'd see if i could get some help from you fella's first?..any help advice would be appreciated...thanks
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    It is not normal, you r switch is broken. It's a common problem on these. The switch can be dissmantled and the section reset as it were. The fog light slider bit comes off the shaft and then comes on too early.

    Hard to describe without a switch in front of me.

    I would look at doing it sooner rather than later as it's illegal to drive with fog lights on in normal weather
  3. gavcav

    gavcav New Member

    thanks for the reply 'byzan A4'....just after posting the thread i went out to have a closer look and luckily i found the problem..it was simply that the terminal block had pulled slighty away from the back of the switch body. the wiring loom has hardly any slack and is extremely tight behind the switch. all sorted now though, working perfectly...loving the A3 t sport!..beautiful car to drive with lots of low down torque.

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