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2001 A3 1.6 Sport.

B3nrf Aug 10, 2013

  1. B3nrf

    B3nrf New Member

    2001 A3 1.6 Sport.
    Hi guys and girls, im after some help with my A3. It seems like a lot of Audi's lights on the dash is a common thing, so i will leave that for now. My problem is, i seem to be burning alot of oil, and using a lot of coolant, even when im driving like a little *****. I can't see any obvious leaks, but when i stop i can hear a water pressure sort of burbling round the back of the engine...any takers?
    Also any error codes ive got dont relate to this issue.
  2. mark_S3

    mark_S3 Team Silver

    Headgasket? Gone

    Sounds like it if it's using both water and coolant.
    Check both the coolant tank cap and oil cap for signs of mayo like gunk.
    And get a compression test done.
  3. kevin0410

    kevin0410 New Member

    Coolant leak could be from the plastic connection block on the right side of engine. Look for pink residue left by leaking coolant.

    as for oil leak, put some cardboard under engine and you can see where any leak is coming from.

    if you can't see any signs of oil or coolant loss then it may be head gasket problems.
  4. B3nrf

    B3nrf New Member

    Thanks for the response, ive spent the day looking for signs, its doesnt seem like head gasket, no "gunk" or any unusual smoking.
    I did however see that my dip stick case is broken, so doesnt give an air tight seal. also i know i need a new oxygen sensor. could be a collection of things making the ecu using more.....

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