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2000 S6 Avant - 70,000 miles ABS Light and ECP Lights coming on during acceleration

Des Carroll Apr 5, 2011

  1. Des Carroll

    Des Carroll New Member

    This has just started and occurs generally when accelerating from 50 - 70.

    Not sure if it is possibly a loose ABS Sensor, or something more serious.

    The engine slows down almost immediately and the car struggles with power.

    Any ideas?
  2. crispin

    crispin Member

    I had a 2001 S6 with loads more miles for 5 years and never had that. You'll have to plug it in and get code, if you're near TW1 I can plug my code reader in for you. Let me know. Cris
  3. Lion Heart

    Lion Heart Member

    I think the ABS fault automatically sends the car into limp home mode - which would be your drop in power and acceleration.

    Yes, I'd personally get it on diagnostics as likely to be an electrical bug rather than physical, and even if physical then diagnostics should pin point it.

    A specialist may come in the car as a passenger which the diagnostics connection, and you drive and force the car to kick off the fault - as may not be traceable when stationary (but may be saved in code history).

    Best of luck with it!

    Lion Heart
  4. richard davis

    richard davis New Member

    it will be your maf sensor i had same prob on my 2000 s6 make sure you get a oem not a cheep one has it wont work expect to pay about £150 does it only happen when under hard aceleration why a faulty maf sensor brings up a abs and tlc light i dont know

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