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2000 S3 - ABS & Traction Control Issue.....

AWDMk1 Aug 30, 2013

  1. AWDMk1

    AWDMk1 Member

    Morning all,

    Jumped into my S3 this morning and set off for work, all was well when I parked it up last night after the drive home. For some reason the traction and ABS lights stayed on after I started the car, restarted the car and hey presto, they were gone. Then as I approached a junction and the speed dropped to a barely rolling speed i.e. about 1mph and when braking very gently the pedal shuddered as if the ABS was kicking in, the roads were bone dry and I was going so slowly it couldn't possibly have needed to.

    I drove the car apprehensively the rest of the way in and it did exactly the same thing a couple more times but then not others under the same circumstances. Strangely at one stage when pulling away from traffic lights at a snails pace the traction control also kicked in. I'm sure the two are linked.

    On the way home the other day I had to drive over some stones left over from roadworks as there was no way of avoiding them, one must have got stuck in the caliper or against the brake disc as I could hear it scratching for the next few miles, eventually it stopped so must have freed itself but I'm wondering if it may have damaged an ABS ring or something in the process? Or, is this a common problem and likely to be down to something else and this is just coincidence? I've driven the car for about 30 miles since the stone issue and it's been absolutely fine until this morning.

    Any thoughts would, as always, be appreciated!
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Scan for fault codes... faulty MAF sensor cause the ESP light to stay on... is the steering wheel on straight...

    The stone could have damaged the ABS sensor or the ring so what you are saying is plausible but... scan with VCDS will confirm why the lights are on...

  3. AWDMk1

    AWDMk1 Member

    Cheers <tuffty/>, the steering wheel is definitely on straight and I have VCDS Lite now so I will plug it in over the weekend and see what it comes back with.
  4. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    Mine did exactly the same thing. Also with no light on i would be driving at slow speeds say approaching a junction, go to accelerate away at a normal rate (not ragging it) and the ESP would cut in and cut power then clear after a second or i`d have to turn off ESp via the button. I scanned and the N/S/F abs sensor was faulty. I replaced that and thought all was well.

    BUT it still does it. Doesnt throw up any codes, could be driving along at say 20-30 and the ESP will kick in and reduce power until it clears itself or you turn the button off. Now every time i get in the car i have to turn ESP off to stop it happening.

    MY steering is also straight. It was out of line a while back until i had it re-aligned as the light stayed on constantly.
    Unplugging the MAF doesnt show anything really because that disables ESP straight away and it feels a bit hesistant and jerky at low speeds with it off but saying that it does with it plugged in at the minute because bank 1 lambda is playing up reading intimitent open circuit.

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