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2 weeks, 1400 miles, 1st thoughts...

richp Sep 19, 2007

  1. richp

    richp New Member

    Picked up the car two weeks ago after a five month wait during which this board has kept me entertained. Just thought I'd post my first impressions...

    It's a 170 TDI S-Line Sportback

    First, the colour. Dolphin Grey has seemed less popular recently but I have to say looks fantastic and offsets the wheels, grille and roof rails really well. I had seen other colours such as Avus since ordering and was worried but am pleased.

    The A3 takes over from a last generation (E46) 3 series and is noisier and feels a little less solid.

    However, it's quicker and just looks so much nicer. The BMW is arguably the better car but is dull.

    Of my initial miles, around 600-700 have been motorway based with 4 in the car and it's equipped itself well. A little backside ache - the sports seat curse?

    On the negative, I would still take the BMW on the family holiday across France and do wonder why I pay extra for things like interior lights or an armrest but am really pleased with the performance and image.

    Fuel at 42mpg so far is not a worry either.

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