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2 strange problems with s3..help..

jarvis**turbo** Feb 20, 2007

  1. jarvis**turbo**

    jarvis**turbo** Member

    firstly, my window washer container is leaking i think..it seems to empty quickly and there is water at the bottom of the bumper beneath the container....common problem?how do i fix ?thort maybey id check to c if it was a simple repair before i start stripping it to have a closer look.also there is a very strange sqwelching noise coming from engine when idleing, sounds like its coming from passenger side by the footwell.any idea's?
  2. spuddie007

    spuddie007 Thomas the Tank Engine - Choo, Choo!

    Could be the pipe at the front of the engine that taks the screenwash to the back of the car (and to the front washers)

    You could locate it by looking for water piddling just behind the front passenger tyre. Under the air box, there's a 'trunking' that's clipped together by a cable tie (the trunking runs from the front of the bulkhead towards the battery).

    You would need to remove the airbox and see if the pipe in the trunking is leaking? I've had this one, and the pipes simply pushed together, although I added some silicone to ensure a tight and permanent fit.

    Not sure about the bottle though :)
  3. larsmate

    larsmate Member

    Common problem. It's either the xenon or window washer pump leaking. You'll need to replace one or both of them.

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