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2 probs i need help with please

Daz1 Aug 14, 2011

  1. Daz1

    Daz1 Member

    right the first prob is when i put my foot down it says nope aint happening lol
    then release and put my foot down again and goes great
    also runs perfect when cold but not great warm will stay on 90
    but then rise to 110 then fan cuts in is that normal ?
    seems very hot!
    and expansion bottle coolant in it bubbling ?

    number 2 not bad but head scratching
    i lowered it to day because original springs wernt to good
    lowered it by 40mm the back has dropped but the front hasnt ?

    2000 x a3 1.8t 90k aum

    thanks in advance
  2. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    runs perfect when cold?...i wonder if its fuel related........more fuel is sent to the engine when cold...abit like a choke.
    Get it on vag/vcds....and checke for fault codes first and check what readings your getting on the coolant sensor,when the cars hot you should be getting a minimum of 80c.

    Temp should stay at 90 all the time once car is warm.I hope not....but you may have a head gasket issue or a cylinder head issue
    The only good thing here is your fan works!
    oh if your cars a 8L MODEL YOUR ON THE WRONG A3 FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!

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