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2.otdi sportback questions

imported_rjn1 Apr 3, 2006

  1. imported_rjn1

    imported_rjn1 Guest

    Hi, Thinking of changing cars and narrowing down my options, Some questions about 2.0TDI sportback:
    1. are the suspension settings on the sport/quattro sport and s-line all the same, i.e. harder ride than the SE, or are quatrro sport/s line lowered further than the sport?
    2.Opinions on whether £300/year to cover all servicing/routine maintenance, tyres, brakes etc is a good deal?
    3. Anyone here with an Oettinger remap?
    4. Ayone gone from the 150tdi engine (golf iv that I have currently to the 140 engine in the audi/golf v, what are your thoughts?

  2. Karcsi

    Karcsi Member

    1. Sport is 25mm lower than standard, and I think the S-line 10mm lower still. Defo harder than the SE! But much better in the corners.

    2. Depends on your mileage. With a service every 18K/two years, and tyres every 36k miles, it would be no way worth it for me.

    3. Got the Oettinger remap. Don't know what the power output is - should stick it on a rolling road at some point - put the effect is like chalk and cheese. It pulls hard all the way to the redline. 5th and 6th is still a bit lack lustre at the top end. But it gets to 80-90mph in no time at all (compared to standard). REVO, I think, give a higher power output, but I've never directly compared the two. With only two wheels driving, what I have is good enough for me.

    4. Going from a 130 to 140 is noticeable - the power delivery especially, but the greater power also. I would guess there is little difference between the 150 and the140, other than the smoother delivery.
  3. imported_rjn1

    imported_rjn1 Guest

    Thanks for your reply. should have stated about 17- 20k miles per year.
    My thoughts after driving the 140 was that it was a bit quicker at low to medium speeds, but lost out a bit at higher speeds above 65mph (ish), but not a big difference that I could tell.
  4. Japper

    Japper Ibis S3 Fan Club


    I went from 150pd golf to 140pd A3 dsg. I find the A3 is quicker than the Golf probably because
    of the more linear power delivery.
  5. mikep

    mikep Member

    I went from a Revo'd PD150 to a Revo'd 2.0TDi, as you would expect.

    The std 2.0TDi seems faster than the std PD150 and in Revo mode they seem about the same (probably down to the DSG gearing on the 2.0TDi).

    The suspension on the Sport is slightly softer than the S-Line, I tried one before I bought the Sport and didn't like the ride.
  6. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    I suppose it depends on which one you buy.

    every two years (max) or 18k miles (max) you will have costs for:

    1. Inspection service - around £200-£300.
    2. Brake fluid replacement - £50-90
    3. Haldex oil replacement - £70-£150

    then at undetermined intervals your going to have:

    1. Tyres, approx £80- £100 each fitted
    2. Brake pads Pads/discs £400-£500 for the lot.

    As it works out, theres probably not much in it for the average driver.

    However, if you get through tyres, and don't mind the OEM tyres, then its a very good deal, providing they dont have any rules about how many miles you should be doing per set.
  7. mfspen

    mfspen Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    ....1. are the suspension settings on the sport/quattro sport and s-line all the same, i.e. harder ride than the SE, or are quatrro sport/s line lowered further than the sport? ....

    [/ QUOTE ]


    I have just ordered an A3 SB 2.0TDI Sport, after testing several versions of the A3.

    It comes down to personal preference, but I thought the S-Line was a bit too hard and jittery. However, that may have been due to the 18" wheels, rather than the suspension.

    The Sport suspension felt perfect to me - superb handling and grip, yet still a supple ride.

    The SE was too soft.
  8. mikep

    mikep Member

    The 18" rims certainly make the ride less compliant, which is why I stuck to 17" RS4s on my SB Sport.

    I found it a good balance for ride and handling.
  9. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    It's a hard one,as I think the car looks awful on anything other than the 18 inch wheels that come with the S-line.

    Which means you have to suffer the terrible ride.

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