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2.8Q tiptronic..newbie - intro and Q's?

A4Audiman Jun 14, 2010

  1. A4Audiman

    A4Audiman New Member


    Just picked up a LHD for european trips/work..X reg/2000 A4 Avant.
    Wanted to get an idea of any tips tricks and gotchas...I'm not new to Audis but have moved up from the A3 1.8T's and S3 old skool. What do I need to check / watch out for?

    Is there a good parts/service manual I can get stuck into - I;d be keen to do some basic stuff/time and equipment permitting...

    I'm looking at taking the new car to Indetech in MK - any bad press from there?

    Any advice / comments gratefully rec'd


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