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2.8 v6 or 2.7 turbo

giraffe Apr 28, 2005

  1. giraffe

    giraffe New Member

    Hi guys, im new to this site and im seeking some advice, having sold my volvo t5, im after an A6, ive tried searching the site, but i was wondering what experiance any of you have had with either the 2.8 v6 quatrro sport or the 2.7 turbo? Any advice is gratefully appreciated, Dan.
  2. Guest


    My last car was an 1998 2.8 Quattro sport saloon, great car, good drive, 28 ave mpg, and I don't drive slow, would give 35 mpg on a long run, only problems i had was the drive shaft boots failing on a regular basis, put this down to speed bumps recently installed in my area.
    I ran 18" RS6 alloys on it, and it looked fantastic.
    2.7 t is a much faster car, the 2.8 has aprox 195 bhp and the turbo a lot more.
    Sold car last week for 6k, it only had 54k miles and was in excellent shape, dealer is asking £7995 for it :-(
    any more qs let me know.
    I have original sales brochures for the year and other bits and bobs, including original roof rack system by audi. PM me more more info.
  3. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    2.7t, awesome pick up from the twin turbos at 60-70mph gives 30-33mpg on long run, 20mpg on commute, it is thirstier than the 2.8, but it is much faster. its a pay off, the 2.8 is much easier to be economical
    look for 6 speed box keeps the revs slightly lower on the motorway.
  4. imported_itolson

    imported_itolson Guest

    2.7t, anyday......

    chip it, apr or giac, I have had over 25 cars over the years mostly hot hatches......

    This car is the best car i have had, i used to think that 4wd was meant for off roaders but since driving mine for the last 8 months i have to say i do not know how i could go back to 2wd.......

    awesome handling with the right profile tyres......

    fast as you like.....

    its fast then an S6 as well.....

    dont believe me check out google....

    0-60 s6 6.2..... only autos....

    0-69 2.7t 6.0 for the manual without the chip.

    you get around another 60 - 70 hp from the chip so be prepared for a nice supprise.....

    you do not have to drive it hard all the time but irs nice to have the acceleration when its required.......

    honestly if you get the 2.8 you will be always wishing you got the 2.7t.........

    i will put money on it.......

  5. jhallas

    jhallas New Member

    Go for the 2.7T w/ the manual. Noticeable turbo lag but great power and super ride.
  6. EuroA6spd

    EuroA6spd New Member

    2.7T absolutely. Noticable turbo lag but much better than the larger 2.8. Much more fun to drive. Not as economical, but if u grab one with a 6spd, you will not regret it. Ive had mine since 2000, and love it. a blast to drive. much quicker car.

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