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2.8 quattro coupe tuning

woodsyv12 Jan 5, 2008

  1. woodsyv12

    woodsyv12 The black pig

    Hi guys, Happy new year,
    I Have bought and just got on the road my 1995 2.8 12v quattro coupe. The handling is great but the engine just hasn't got enough power. I'm at a bit of a quandary......do I sell it and buy a A4 30v quattro or do I stick with the coupe and tune the engine. I've heard the A4 doesn't handle aswell if so is this easily sorted? Or if I was to stick with the coupe, which is what I'd rather do cos I like it, are there any proven tuning options, i.e. throttle bodies, cams, ecu upgrades, parts from other audi's etc.
    I have removed the two cats and fitted a single stainless freeflow cat instead, Looking at the rest of the exhaust I don't think there will be much gained by fitting aftermarket system. I have a K&N panel filter in the standard airbox, other than that the car is standard with 100K on the clock.
    Of course I could supercharge it or fit Nos but thats big bucks on what is basically an 13 year old car.
    I'm sure there's somebody out there with 12v experience who can help or maybe even a web site with some good info on it but as yet I've not found it.
    Ta ta for now
  2. 96a6v6

    96a6v6 Member


    I found the same with my coupe, although mine was a 16V, rather than the 2.8

    I really think you are into spending big money to improve the performance, have you thought of uprating the suspension and brakes at all ? although it wont improve your straight line performance, it will certainly improve the handling/braking massively

    Im surprised you dont find the 2.8 12v has enough grunt for you, I have the 2.6 A6 and am pretty pleased with its power delivery, seeing as it only has 150bhp

    Have you thought of going to an S2 ? they have plenty of power as standard and there are plenty of tuning parts available too
  3. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    There does not seem to be much 'off the shelf' parts for these cars. One of the most well known 12v tuners (who also shares his methods) is Mance Etheridge. Unfortunately he mostly posts on Audiworld forum, which I find hard to get along with!
    Some links to his inlet and head mods:




    There are also mods to the MAF sensor housing and throttle body, which are relatively popular, try searching the 12v engine development forum for more details and other ideas?


    If you did all of that, I'm sure cams would be needed to get the best from it...
  4. alastair_vns

    alastair_vns New Member

    His site isnt working any more do you have any working links to this thanks

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