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2.8 30v Quattro Engine problem

Hairy Ballbag May 7, 2007

  1. Hairy Ballbag

    Hairy Ballbag Member

    Has anyone else experienced and found the cause of this problem...

    Car won't start up, bit like the engine's flooded. Battery hangs around 8v and after around 20 seconds of turning over, the car starts and then cuts out.
    Repeat again and pump the accelerator and the car starts.

    It then revs and judders and smoke comes out the exhaust rev it a bit for about 20seconds and it clears. Then drive the car and the slightest dab on the accelerator breaks your neck.

    After about a minute of driving, all is OK and back to normal.

    Also, occasionally the revs drop to 500 and she stalls - even after a 20 mile run when she'd nice and warm... (This part has only happened since I have had it superchipped last Fridayu... stalled five times the day after I collected it but ahs not done it since.)

    This happens about once a fortnight, apart from that, she drives really well.

    I drive the car everyday, covering a 40 mile round trip to work along mainly A class roads. I always warm the engine up before pulling off (Clifford intelli start) but this won't function when the engine plays silly buggers.

    Oil is regularly changed, car has new spark plugs (has not stopped this happening) a superchip and an induction kit. (Car did this before kit was fitted but not as often.)

    I run it on Shell V Power and always have at least half a tank in it but have found if I stop and fill up, the accelerator is very sensitive!
    I have recently put injector / valve cleaner addatives too and also flushed the engine on oil changes.

    No error messages on dash board either, only the usual airbag light is on!
    Water levels are fine, doesn't over heat...

    Any ideas?

  2. 205man

    205man Active Member

    never had that problem from my 2.8 quattro sport.

    the engine in fact is a smooth as silk and never missed a beat, the only starting problem i had was from a sticking starter motor.

    i just seem to get problems with the reat of the car lol

  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    I had a similar problem on my 2.8Q. Would start first time but then as soon as you try and pull away it would stall and then be difficult to start.
    VAGCOM indicated faulty coolant temp sensor, swapped this and she was back to normal. Seems like the temp sensor can give false info to the ECU telling it, I presume, that the car is hot, and thus starving it of fuel when its stone cold.
    It's a cheap and easy fix anyway before you have to look at more serious causes. £18 from the dealer and a DIY install.
  4. johnie72

    johnie72 Member

    Hairy - Tell me, what's the car like since it's been chipped? I appreciate that the car hasn't been running great just recently but let me know once you've got the problem/s sorted.

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