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  1. Kraphty Baztard

    Kraphty Baztard Raw Power

    Hello People havn't been on here long but have owned a coupe with the 2.8 12v AAH engine for a year or so now. i have been in the process of restoring it and was wondering how tunable the engine is and how cost effective, or would it be worth keeping it as it is for a while then dropping a better engine in. any ideas greatly appreciated
    Cheers people
  2. istoo

    istoo Member

    age old question how much can you spend?

    Fast28 on audifans.net supercharger his himself, then switched to a 2.8 30v lump ( a fairly straight forward changeover) and got a used PES kit.

    PP work is going to be expensive but may yield some gains, shrick still make cams as well, a chip is a waste of time as it will only ever advance the timing on a lambda controlled car, so only really worthwhile if you have put road cams in it.

    i can say boring up the Throttle Body (primary aperture is TINY, and removing MAF screen, assume you have a 471A maf (the 3" not the 2.5") can also be bored up as well, then connect all this with a 3" samco will make a big difference to how responsive this car is as its a rather lazy lump. gains hard to measure but the 60 time will be dropped by a second or so and the throttle response is a LOT better, really notable on autos.

    HOWEVER, the 2.8 is a VERY over engineered engine. is it a quattro? auto?
    I had a AAH coupe quattro for 3 years, great car. sold it for what i bought it for 3 years later. Not many cars fall in that bracket. Restoration again i would point you towards audifans.net this site is very good but is more orientated towards the B5-upwards generation. I have two of those now!

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