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2.7T v6 question

PetRaN Sep 21, 2003

  1. PetRaN

    PetRaN New Member

    Hello dear friends

    My name is Peter,
    I am from Athens, Greece
    and do I have a question that perhaps you could answer.
    I know I might be posting in the wrong forum,
    but I think that maybe you would know more about my subject.
    Recently I bought a skoda superb 1.8T
    I have installed another set of springs and shocks, also have fitted abt's chip.

    I want to make a descision on either modifying this 1.8T
    engine to stages 2 or 3, or dropping it entirely for the
    brilliant (in my opinion) 2.7T.
    What I do not know, is if this is feasible.
    I wonder if this motor could be transplanted to my car.
    I know that my car model comes also with an 2.8 v6, but
    i am not sure of the similarities or differences that exist.

    I really would love to have the 2.7T installed,
    so if any of you have the knowledge and mood and time,
    I would really apreciate any info you might have.

    Thank you,


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