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2.7t boost problem

audi-a6 Jan 18, 2013

  1. audi-a6

    audi-a6 Active Member

    This is actually an a6 2.7t but similar to s4 and get more response here

    Not sure if turbo('s) have gone or i got boost leak, have not tested for leaks yet as just so busy. boost used to hold 1.3 with lots of power, but now struggles to hit 0.8 even when it does in 3rd gear or above it dips down to 0.4 and wont come back up until i reset ecu or just restart engine only code i get is 17964 negative deviation or boost limit not reached..... iv attached 2 videos 1 is just mainly so you can hear the noise the turbos are making the other is the same but 3rd gear run with boost cutting down to 0.4.....

    Boost 1 - YouTube

    Boost test - YouTube

    Boost 2 - YouTube
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  2. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    That third clip sounds bad. It could be a huge boost leak causing the whistle, but to me sounds a little like the turbos over spinning.

    You need to get it pressure tested. If you are lucky and there is a leak and you are able to fix it, you may buy your turbos a little more time.

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