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2.6 V6 recomended mod

atc Jun 20, 2006

  1. atc

    atc Member

    Having only bought 1 thing at this years GTi International at the weekend I couldn't be more happy with my choise. After thinking about fitting a K&N panel filter for some time I asked ECP for a price, the grumpy sod at the stand just said he didn't have one and left it at that?!?! Err fine. Then I though sod it I'll have a Jetex as there was a guy selling them for £20 which seemed a good price.

    I fitted it tonight, at the same time I removed the top half of the intake trumpet on the "filtered" side. It unclips with a bit of persuasion. I left the bottom half in place as it is part of the main moulding. If you have a look you'll see that the trumpet is quite restrictive. I refitted everything and started the old goat up ready for a test run. Funny I thought doesn't usually sound that good. She now has a deeper burble at idle increasing to a nice roar on increasing the revs. It's not a lot louder but it does sound more like it should...........a big V6. Oh and the trottle response seems better too. Keeping in mind I have a totaly standard exhaust system!

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