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2.5v6 tdi injector seals!!!

Yappy Apr 3, 2012

  1. Yappy

    Yappy A4 b6 TDI V6 Quattro Sport

    Hi all long time since I've posted anything
    Now does anyone know where I can get the 6 injector
    seals that are in the rocker covers as I've asked tps in slough
    and they say that Audi don't sell them on their own they sell
    them with the rocker covers which are £60 each side (**** that)

    Also I have a bloody annoying rather violent vibration at about 1600 rpm
    on light acceleration 50-60 mph in 5th
    boot it hard and it goes fine but driving normaly it's a *****
    any light shed on this would be great I think its prop balancing
    weve ruled out gearbox as it changes up and down pperfectly
    it sometimes does it at 40-45 in 4th too

    The car is a 180 sport Quattro tiptronic remapped and decated
    standard 16 inch wheels as of yet they are all ballanced I dont know what else to check

    Any help would be wicked cheers chaps
  2. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    are you sure its the seals you want? as above they only come with the cover. Have you tried changing the diesel leak off pipes, they are prone to leaking even when they have just been changed. You could also change the copper washers where the tubes push on.As for the vibration it could be a number of things from injectors to flywheel at the extreme case. Might be worth checking the diesel pump timing also just to rule it out

    i notice you are in west london. If i was there i would give chris (adamss24) a call and go to see him. He is mr 2.5v6 and can do anything for these cars with his eyes shut.
  3. Yappy

    Yappy A4 b6 TDI V6 Quattro Sport


    Nah the injector seals are leaking oil past them from the head
    only a little but I get a nasty whiff of oil every now and then

    Ive recently built the engine up because of a failed cambelt
    plus I changed the worn out cams and followers plus 9 valves that it had smashed when the belt went
    its a tiptronic also so the flywheel thing isn't possible unless they are the same sort of thing as a manual
    pump timing is spot on. Injectors are a maybe but gonna test the car on my mates dyno see what we have

    I might try making some new seals from polyurathane see if I can make some sort of mould
    sounds like a common problem would also save people a lot of money on rocker covers haha

    I think the juddering is more to do with prop bearing or balancing or a rear cv
    Im getting it on my ramp tomorrow and see what we have
    I'll keep ya all posted

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