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2.5V6 TDI Diesel timing check using Vagcom

Adam C Jan 19, 2008

  1. Adam C

    Adam C Mine a manual


    I have some performance issues with my 2001 2.5TDI Allroad - (massive engine shudder under heavy load / revs relieved by slipping clutch and 5 second idle) that has caused me to check the Diesel timing.
    I'm using the TDI timing check build into Vagcom (my release 704) and monitoring group 4 basic settings as indicated for the AKE engine.

    As soon as Vagcom fires up this setting the engine revs increase to about 825 RPM and there appears to be a diagnostic change in engine management in some sort of engine advance / retard loop. The engine seams harsh for a period advanced / early and then smooth retarded / late - I can't find documentation on this.

    The TDI plot is shown below. My engine appears to be a bit retarded - timing is ment to be 2deg ATDC +/- 2 - mine is at about 4.6 deg ATDC
    I have some questions
    1. Why does Vagcom say "please wait until injection is fully retarded"? This doesn't seam to change
    2. What are the symptoms of a 2.6v6TDI being a little retarded and out of spec - i.e. power - drivability mpg etc?

    Thanks for any input

  2. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    As i just said to Turkster when my timing was very slightly out and minutely adjusted it made a noticeable difference to smoother running. You say revs increase to 825rpm, mine normally ticks over at around 800-850 on the rev counter so how low is your tickover? Sorry can't help with fault code, suggest you also post this on the VAGCOM board
  3. Adam C

    Adam C Mine a manual

    Hi, well according to Vagcom, by normal tickover is 766 RPM. I'll post something on the vagcom board later. thanks

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