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2.5TDi wont rev past 3500 under load

foursprungdugtechnique Feb 11, 2011

  1. Having a few problems with the car, dumps boost at 2400RPM, and wont go past about 80 in 4th roughly 3500RPM, stick it in 6th and pulls straigh past 80MPH, why would it stop short of red line by that much?

    I have had the turbo replaced (old one was letting oil through), egr, boost solenoid, checked for boost leaks, still got the vacuum side to check.

    Also, suggestions for new rear bushes if anyone has tried something other than OE parts?
  2. cerips

    cerips Member

    Get it vacgom'd and see what codes it throws up, write them down then clear them. Take it for a drive and try to replicate the problem then read the codes again.
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Change the MAF, its ussualy the culprit if it wont go over the 80Mph mark...
  4. I had the car in at the local Audi Dealer, Perth Audi. They said they would throw in diagnostics with an oil change sservice. £233 later they tell me, the car was unroadworthy, due to fuel leak (front end of return pipe where it turns up from under the car) which wasnt actually dripping, just a damp rubber, according to an MOT tester he would have given advisory on that. The front flexy hoses were 'dangerous' just started to show braid through a crack in the plastic covering, no fraying, no bulges, so they didn't road test it.
    No diagnosis as to what was causing the problem, pissed right off with them, I wanted diagnostics to tell exactly what was wrong. As the MAF is now out of warranty (even though I reported it before warranty expired) they didnt want to know.
    I went to Dingbro motor factors, bought a big tin of brake cleaner, removed MAF and went to town spraying it til it was nice and clean, SORTED!!

    There is still a rushing noise, bloke from a garage in Edinburgh said it could be the ram air pipe?? comes in on drivers side low down, under the airfilter box and along under the MAF via a straight metal tube, next on my hit list

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