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2.5TDi Timing Belt Change - What Else Should I Get Done?

steamship Jan 22, 2013

  1. steamship

    steamship Active Member

    I've been reading through the forum on getting the timing belt serviced on my A4 2.5TDi Quattro Sport, and have looked through some of the photos of what is involved. I have tried to ignore the fact that it needs done, but after several days of reading, have decided to get it done.

    What I would like to hear from others who have had the work done (properly or not), is what else I should get done at the same time, considering what has to come off the car. I know for a fact that the thermostat is buggered anyway, but what should I 'tell' the mechanic to do, rather than just telling him to do the timing belt? There has been mention here of jobs being done 'down' to a budget, so tensioners and anything that should have been replaced, hasn't, with the end result not being very pretty.

    Just for reference, the car is a 2001 A4 2.5TDi Quattro Sport, with 133k on the clock. The service book only has a couple of long life services up to around the 57k mark, and then nothing. I just removed the pollen filter at the weekend and it has a manufacturer date of May 2005 :wtf:
  2. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member quattro Audi A2 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Timing belt, ideally genuine VAG kit or something like Contitech from Continental. Water pump, genuine VAG thermostat (tested), tensioner pulley, etc. A good mechanic will double check the existing pulleys as its not unheard of for the bearings to become noisy and collapse. I'd also get the auxilliary belts changed at the same time. Use G12 coolant, etc. Meant to be done every 80k or 4 years.
  3. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Thermostat is a must!
  4. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    As Spartacus says, change the tensioner and idler pulleys, and also the bolts that hold them.
  5. steamship

    steamship Active Member

    Thanks everyone for that. Just did a search on eBay and came across the following for £314+£22 p&p:


    The thermostat I can source from Audi. The last one got me James, 'the bolts that hold them'! Is there a kit I can get from somewhere like eBay, or am I just to trust that the mechanic changes them? Having read of your experience, I don't want it going pear-shaped because of a 10p bolt.
  6. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Where about's are you based ? If not too far i can supply all the above + a genuine thermostat and seal + 5L of G12 coolant and fit them for you for £500. Only difference i will have a Contitech or SKF full cambelt kit, a KWP water pump (better quality than the ruville one) or genuine VAG pump + proper timing of the injector pump. I am based in N. London...

    Chris- 07789912128.

    Parts are £400 trade prices so you get unbelievable value for money... Job takes 6 to 8 hours...
  7. steamship

    steamship Active Member


    I've read some of your posts and seen the photos of your work and would love to take you up on the offer. Unfortunately for me, I live in Northern Ireland, so it would be a bit of a trek - about a thousand mile round trip and a ferry crossing.
  8. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Road trip! - Make a weekend out of it, you know your getting a good job for a lot less than a dealer would charge you.
  9. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    Exactly! Factor in a days visiting the wonders of London and a night in a hotel and you'll still be better off probably :)

    If I didn't have such a cheap local indie i'd have taken mine to Chris.
  10. robotplant

    robotplant Member

    Pencil me in for that job when it's due Chris. Got to do a few more thou yet and I'll be contacting you. Got folks who live in Kings Langley..20 miles away.
  11. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    No problem mate, drop me a line when you are ready ! Cheers !
  12. VagCabby

    VagCabby Active Member

    Adam ill properly get you to do mine in Afew months. I know you offered to do my thermostat, did know you would do the cam belt aswell! Where in north London are you? Pm me if you like. Cheers
  13. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    No problem mate, drop me a line when you ready ! Cheers !
  14. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    I aggree ! if you can take a weekend off take the missus over to london for 'valentines' drop her at the shops! then go see Chris you'll have piece of mind the work is done right. but if you know an experienced 2.5 mechanic in the north that can time properly and will not try to stroke you even better.

    i had mine done last june and had problems until november. it was a nightmare trying to find what was wrong afterwards and all for the sake of saving a few hundred quid on the mechanic. I also had my cams replaced at the time so it was big expense and tried to get the cost down but in hindsite it would have been worth either taking it to chris and making a weekend out of it or paying audi as I spent nearly as much over the next few months.

    just be wary who you use. if your thinking of using someone in belfast i'll tell you who not to use based on my experience! the last thing you want is issues after spending the guts of a grand you'll want piece of mind that all parts you bought were actually fitted and your good parts dont go elsewhere.

    I used autosmotorcraft in germany for all the parts Michael Laski will keep you right on everything needed he was very good to deal with not to mention patient...below is the list he gave me at the time...should be the same for you.

    TIMING BELT kit (camshaft and fuel pump belts)
    CT1015- 1x timing belt by CONTITECH
    CT1018- 1x timing belt by CONTITECH
    55498- 1x tension pulley by RUVILLE
    55703- 1x tension pulley by RUVILLE
    55707- 1x lead pulley by RUVILLE
    55710 - 1x vibrations damper by RUVILLE
    55741 - 1x tensioner by RUVILLE
    65417 - 1x water pump by RUVILLE

    MULTIRIB BELT KIT(multirib belts proper alternator, power-steering pump and air-condition compressor):

    6PK2404- - 1x multirib belts by CONTITECH
    4PK1217 - 1x multirib belts by CONTITECH
    55702 - - 1x tenstion pulleys by RUVILLE
    55740 - 1x tenstion pulleys by RUVILLE
    55700 - 1x lead pulleys by RUVILLE
    55701 - 1x lead pulleys by RUVILLE


    - 1x thermostat by WAHLER
    - 1x air filter by BOSCH
    - 1x oil filter by BOSCH
    - 1x pollen filter

    - 2x valve cover gaskets (rocker cover gaskets)

    If you have an oild leack anywhere most probably could be traced to these after 10years they be very brittle, nows a good time to do them when you've so much stripped down.

    - 1x oil separator by VAG
    I asked for this to be included as I had an oil leak that I could not find, however it is £60 you may not need to spend but I did for piece of mind. I have no oil leaks now but that may be down to the rocker cover gaskets being replaced or both!

    Best you get you own oil and antifreeze as these engines really need the correct stuff and not something the garage uses for all their regular services.

    6.5ltrs of 5w-30 synthetic Quantum/Castrol/Fuchs/Millers/Mobil £70 -£80 dont bother with longlife stuff change this every 10k and you wont need to replace your cams like I did !

    5ltrs of G12 coolant £25-£30

    hope that helps you out

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