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2.5Tdi Mr Muscle hot side photos

Discussion in 'A4/S4 forum(B5 Chassis)' started by mjcp, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Oct 31, 2013
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    This is not a how to, if you follow it as a how to, if you break your car, that's your problem. Mr Muscle is nasty stuff, follow the instructions on the can. I used thick rubber gloves and safety specs. My car was COLD (not run for 18 hours cold).

    On to the post:

    My car is '99 "T" mid facelift manual 2.5TDi Avant Quattro:


    Start by removing the engine cover (4 x 10mm nuts) to reveal the "V" between the cylinder heads, the turbo is under the silver heat shield at the bulkhead end of the engine. The heat shield needs to be removed too (3 x 10mm bolts):


    With the heat shield removed, I began to remove the 3 x nuts (12mm) that hold the exhaust to the studs in the hot side of the turbo. I started with the lowest one (almost under the turbo) as it was the hardest to gain access to, so if I failed, I wouldn't have wasted time on the easy ones!):


    Its a right pain in the .... to get at, there is almost no room for the socket bar to swing either:


    Once you have the lower nut off, the other two are more straight forward, the rear one even has a groove in the exhaust for your socket extension:


    Once you have all three nuts off, the exhaust can be separated from the turbo to allow enough room to feed in a small amount of pipe to allow the Mr Muscle to be squirted in.

    I put some cloth under the newly opened joint to catch and Mr Muscle that overflowed (none did in the end). Here's the open joint with some Mr Muscle in there:


    (While it soaked, I used an allen key to gently rotate the turbo to ensure a good covering)

    While it works, its important to check that your assistant is OK, mine was apparently rather bored:


    I cannot overestimate the benefit of magnets in almost any form of car work. Not in any sort of "hippy trippy" way, they are very useful when you drop things in the abyss of the engine bay:


    and once you recover the lost things, you can use then to keep everything together:


    After about and hour, I put everything back together and went for a run. There was a tiny puff of white smoke on startup but then clear straight away. I got everything up to temp before a few high rpm runs. I have seen puffs of smoke previously, but this time round, there was none visible. It may be phycological but the car felt a bit more responsive.

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