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2.5TDi hard suspension? engine vibration?

pmpants Jun 21, 2006

  1. pmpants

    pmpants New Member

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this group and new to Audi's so hi!
    I have just bought a year 2000 'W' reg A6 Avant 2.5 TDi auto, I've fitted 18" RS6 replica's (225/40/18 Kuhmo's) and feel the suspension is almost too hard now, it was stiff before, it makes the brake pedal bounce against the bracket over big bumps, I wondered if anyone else had noticed this?

    Also the engine seems to vibrate quite abit on tickover, you can feel it mostly through the steering wheel and pedals, it's just had the cambelt and tensioners replaced (before I owned it) you can hear the engine in the car more than i expected as well, is this normal?

    The car does seem a bit lazy to pull away aswell, having never driven one before i'm not sure if it's normal or not.

    Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received,


  2. MartinM

    MartinM DK55 XYH

    I have done the same as you and fitted the RS6 replicas, yes it does make the car slightly stiffer but it should not be that bad (unless u added Bilestien shocks and spings like i did). As for the lazy pull of i don't think this is an issue as mine does it and then as soon as the turbo spins ur away!! I have had mine chipped by www.upsolute.com which improves it no end!
  3. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    My Sport has 17" rims with 235/45 tyres and the ride is much stiffer than my wife's A4 or my old Passat on 14 or 15" rims. If you want more comfort you will need to revert to bigger tyres on smaller rims. My Dad has just acquired a Merc S320 which has tyres like balloons but rides like a sofa and wobbles around the corners compared to mine.
    I have no vibration like yours at 129000 miles, but i've been driving diesels for 10 years and may be more used to it.
    The unmodified slug like performance up to around 1600-1700 rpm is pretty standard. Its a big engine which accelerates relatively slowly initially so the turbo wind up is slower. I had mine Turbochip-ped which made a big difference. See separate thread in diesel forum.

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