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2.5tdi engine cover

HerefordQuattro May 9, 2010

  1. fiddling with the plastic cover on my 2.5tdi today as it was cracked when i bought it, only gone and made it worse i.e crack is now a hole!! So i've left it off as doesn't seem to do much apart from stop you seeing more engine? Where is best place to get replacement ?
  2. KenS

    KenS New Member

    Mine also has some padding on the underside so I'd say it also has a noise reduction function. If you don't notice or mind the car being any noisier then I'm sure it will be fine without it.

    I wouldn't like to guess how much a new one would cost from a dealer.
  3. Yes had noticed the padding but with the bonnet down the noise difference is nothing (sounds like a tractor anyway)

    have also noticed oil / diesel? run off the padding on the tab that covers driverside cylinder head, which is worrying so better keep an eye on that:shrug:
  4. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Mine does the same but its a very small amount and i have never managed to find where it comes from. Whilst investigating it a while back i found that the overspill pipes on the injectors had perished so that got fixed but never found the source of the oil.
  5. bump

    anyone got a 2.5tdiv6 engine cover for sale?

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