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2.5tdi BAU drilled air box noise

CHRISTOPHÉ Apr 1, 2014



    Hi all anybody drilled their air box and can show me what it sounds like? I don't want to do it and hate it but doing a full service at the weekend and it's in the back of my mind to do it!
  2. al_p

    al_p Member

    bad idea don't do it , all you will be doing is sucking in hot air which is less dense than the cold air the box is getting at the moment , it will make no difference and if any at all it will make your economy and performance worse , the only mod that's worth doing is getting a free'er flowing air filter like pipercross (not k&n or oiled filters as the oil can get on the mass flow sensor causing inaccurate readings or in some cases braking the sensor) but even then free'er flowing filters are only really worth the money when you remap the car as then the engine demands more air
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    No need to drill the box, the later 2001 onwards 180Bhp engines have a "cold air intake" at the bottom of the box so drilling is not necessary ! The feed is from the wheel arch area and i would keep it that way if you don't want your engine to hydrolock when going trough a deeper puddle of water !

    I run nearly 300 Bhp on a stock airbox, i would not even bother swapping the factory paper filter for the aftermarket jobbies...
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