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2.5tdi auto slight issues

52-2.5-tdi-auto-karl Mar 8, 2008

  1. history:-

    80000 miles
    25000 miles it got a new gearbox from audi (6 spd auto)
    78000 oil and filers changed
    booked for 80000 at tyneside Audi newcastle

    VAGCOM errors 18265 and 18062

    reset and come back

    Traction light comes on and then the ECU light, full lock it and wheelspin it and it all goes off!


    but the codes stay logged, its done it 2 times now,

    The car still flies along, it breaks its ABS`s its a dream and when you need it to do what you want it will. just dont want any big bills for it and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with there audi.

    Cheers Karl

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