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2.5tdi afb engine power and maf trouble help please

zrx-fighter Mar 24, 2011

  1. zrx-fighter

    zrx-fighter New Member

    :sadlike: Hi there, new on here so hi to you all, not been able to find what im looking for.
    The problem is this i have a 1999 2.5tdi v6 with AFB engine 150hp.done 109000 miles. I have no power the car will drive but it is lacking i performance a lot. So before every one says i no it is some issue with the maf snesor. here lyes the problem, one day working not perfect but boosting and maf reading as should on vcds the next not, so had a brand new maf i had previously brought right one for car, knew this worked perfectly so fitted this, this made know diference checked with vcds saying this also faulty, so went to local vw garage and put another new one on still showing as reading faulty. the readings at tickover is about 400 but should be 200.
    Oh one code only showing 01117 generator fault implausable signal.
    Does any one know what the problem is, the alternator seems to be producing 14volts at tickover as well.
    Thanks for any help:unsure:
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    how do you know its showing faulty with no code ?
    you could have got a bad wire infact could be anything from a split pipe to the turbo
  3. NineNails

    NineNails Proud sponsor of the snack food industry

    Did you clear the code? it might be old. Do you know how to do logs? How does the car perform with the maf disconnected?
  4. zrx-fighter

    zrx-fighter New Member

    Hi all done a check with vcds lite thats why i know the maf is reading wrong, the code is not old i can clear it and take for a drive and it will come back, would this affect the running as this and the maf problem happened at same time. the maf is showing no code but faulty if you check it. tick over should read 200 but showing 400 and then when you drive it what the specified should be and the actual are no were near each other, the max reading i get is 550. these are new bosch mafs so cannot all be faulty. so would it be the ecu that is or what im at a loss.
  5. willieigs

    willieigs Member

    had the same problem even get a new maf fitted by audi perth ,after service i end up takeing it to star in kirkcaldy they check the value yes it was that new maf faulty they fit one and had no problem with it , it took the old maf back to audi and i had to wait till they fitted it on to my car to check out and got a refund pritty dam quick

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